Deux soirées qui sont tombées à pic!

The Year 9 and Year 10 Soirées held respectively on Friday 28 July and Friday 4 August were two wonderful opportunities to remind our students why they should continue learning French at VCE level. This is the time of the year when students have to decide to continue (or not) learning French and therefore the timing of the these Trivia soirées could not have been more perfect !

IMG 4776

 With a 'sacrée' dose of fun, a little competition 'amicale' and 'beaucoup de' social interactions, students enjoyed two wonderful evenings which in their own words they described as 'lots of fun but also good revision for our French!'. Students seemed to regain motivation (if they had lost any) and passion for their French studies !

It was also a really nice opportunity for teachers to catch up and network. A very big thank you to the wonderful AFTV team who organised these events and to all our generous sponsors who donated great prizes. 

Please view photos and the video of the Year 9 Trivia soirée and get inspired to bring your students along next year.



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