la langue francaise dans le monde


 Why Learn French?

why learn French?

Download this brochure, produced by the Victorian Department of Education, Employment and Training.

Here is a pdf file describing many of the reasons why your school should be teaching French.

Here is a pdf file from the Direction de la coopération culturelle et du français giving 10 reasons to learn / study French.

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AFTV funds at work: French Model United Nations Conference

Castlemaine SC students with Diane de St Léger

Read the report from the French Model United Nations Conference 2015

French Immersion Weekend

2015 immersion weekend

What a fantastic collaboration between the AFTV, DET and the Alliance Française. The French immersion weekend, inspired by requests from AFTV members, subsidised by the AFTV and DET, collaboratively planned by all, and resourced and presented by the inspiring teachers from the Alliance Française at a majestic location in Hepburn Springs. What could be better?

Find out more here.

Department of Education and Training

Alliance Francaise

Around the Schools

2015 around the schools

AFTV Funding Semester 1, 2015
Read the report from Kilvington Grammar School's Year 7 Cultural day.