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AFTV Committee

New AFTV committee members are welcome to join the committee. The AFTV committee is signed in at the the AFTV AGM. We usually meet as a full committee 4-5 times a year. We are eager to welcome country-based teachers to help the AFTV better understand your needs and to organise well targeted student and professional learning activities in regional schools. 2021 has taught us that committee members can attend meetings remotely.

What are the current sub-committees? Please click here  for details regarding the activities of the sub-committees.

AFTV 2023 Committee

President  Philippe Vallantin
Vice-President  Lucie Dickens
Treasurer  Susan Duffy
Minutes Secretary  Fiona Curnow


The first person is the convenor


 Lucie Dickens, Philippe Vallantin

Cultural / PD Events

 Gretchen Bennett,  Veronica Deren, Judy Bognar, Claire Cowen

Digital Presence - Facebook & AFTV Website

 Aimée Pochinco, Fiona Curnow


 Diane de St Léger, Isabelle Mangeot-Hewison

Finance & Scholarship

 Susan Duffy, Philippe Vallantin, Lucie Dickens

Matinée du Français

 Philippe Vallantin, Fiona Curnow


  Jennifer Jeffery

Nouvelle Calédonie Teacher Study Tour & Student Tour

 TBC, Philippe Vallantin

Professional Learning - Primary & Secondary

  Cédric Chamontin - secondary | Kim Mullins - primary, Philippe Vallantin, Fiona Curnow, Lucie Dickens, Nathalie Marchand, Aimée Pochinco, Kim Mullins, Alex Yep



Student Activities (including Francophonie)

 Séverine Peyronnet/Loveena Narayanen, Lucie Dickens, Claire Cowen, Gretchen Bennett, Miriam Saward, Nathalie Marchand, Alex Yep, Isabelle Mangeot-Hewison

2023 Committee meeting dates

Term 1 - Tuesday 21 February - Bialik College
                  Thursday 30 March - Lauriston

Term 2 - Thursday 16 May - Kilvington
Term 3 - Monday 7 August - Sacré Cœur
Term 4 - Friday 24 November - Glen Eira College

AGM - February 2024 (date TBC) - Catholic Leadership Centre