AFTV 2022 Committee

President  Philippe Vallantin
Vice-President  Lucie Dickens
Treasurer  Susan Duffy
Minutes Secretary  Fiona Curnow


(The first person is the convenor)


 Lucie Dickens, Philippe Vallantin

Cultural / PD Events

 Gretchen Bennett

Digital Presence

 Aimée Pochinco, Catherine Jackson-Grose


 Diane de St Léger, Lucie Dickens


 Claire Cowen, Barbara Watt

Finance & Scholarship

 Philippe Vallantin, Lucie Dickens, Susan Duffy


 Loveena Narayaran

Matinée du Français

 Philippe Vallantin, Fiona Curnow



Nouvelle Calédonie Teacher Study Tour & Student Tour

 Caitlin Hancock, Philippe Vallantin

Professional Learning - Primary


Professional Learning - Secondary

 Philippe Vallantin, Fiona Curnow, Lucie Dickens, Nathalie Marchand, Cédric Chamontin, Gretchen Bennett, Eugénie Oule, Séverine Peyronnet, Aimée Pochinco


 Catherine Jackson-Grose

Resources (Primary + Secondary) to be made available on AFTV website

 Nathalie Marchand, Eugénie Oulé, Aimée Pochinco, Catherine Jackson-Grose

Student Activities & Sponsorship

 Lucie Dickens, Aimée Pochinco, Catherine Jackson-Grose, Loveena Narayaran, Claire Cowen

2022 Committee meeting dates

Term 1 - Monday 28 February

Term 2 - Thursday 19 May

Term 3 - Monday 1 August
                  Thursday 15 September
Term 4 - Monday 5 December

AGM - February 2023 (Date to be confirmed)