AFTV Concours Lycéens 2018

The 3rd AFTV Concours Lycéens took place on Sunday 27 May. Around 100 VCE and IB French students participated in this highly valued competition. Students performed a speaking task with experienced assessors in front of a small audience of students and parents. The AFTV Student activity sub-committee would like to thank all teachers who enrolled their students and attended this event, all volunteer assessors for their professionalism and enthusiasm, and our host school for making this event possible once again.

Congratulations to all participants who had the courage to challenge themselves and participate in this competition. Finalists will compete in the finals on Sunday 15 July at the Bastille Day Festival organised by the French Consulate. Good luck to them all! 

Below is what one student wanted to share about the 2018 Concours Lycéens:

“I had the amazing opportunity to take part as a year 11 student and would highly recommend any VCE French students to attend when it is held again in the coming year. As a Year 11 student, the idea of speaking in French in front of an audience of Year 11 and 12 students and their teachers was very daunting however I decided to push my fears aside in order to gain valuable experience in speaking and maintaining a conversation in French as well as to listen to Year 12 students and gain an understanding of the level they are at and what will be expected in Units 3 and 4. Despite being nervous, immediately after starting to speak I became confident as my assessor was lovely and supportive, all students made each other feel very comfortable as the competition was a very welcoming and encouraging environment. Following the competition, I received great feedback that will be valuable for my speaking skills throughout my French studies. I would definitely attend the Concours Lycéens in Year 12 and would very strongly encourage any VCE French students to do so as well.”

Eliza W. (Year 11 French)

Félicitations à tous les finalistes du Concours Lycéens qui nous ont impressionnés le dimanche 15 juillet sur la scène du Bastille Day Festival.

Les sujets de conversation et de jeu de rôle étaient vraiment variés et bien choisis. Bravo à tous les professeurs pour leurs efforts et leurs encouragements, nous étions vraiment fiers des élèves. Lors de la remise des prix, Madame la Consule Honoraire de France, Mme Myrian Boisbouvier-Wylie, a d’ailleurs rappellé aux gagnants du Concours qu’ils étaient les ambassadeurs de la langue française et qu’elle soutenait grandement le travail des professeurs de français dans le Victoria.

L’AFTV continue à maintenir un fort partenariat avec le consulat de France à Melbourne à travers en outre sa participation au Bastille Day Festival. Un grand merci au sous-comité 'AFTV Student activities' pour la mise en place et l’organisation de cet évènement.

Dans chaque catégories, les gagnants sont: 

Dans chaque catégories, les gagnants sont: 

YEAR 11    
Fintona Girls' School Jacqueline Motet 1st
Kilvington Grammar School Elisabeth Yeo 2nd
Ivanhoe Grammar School - Plenty Campus Lauren Powell 3rd
YEAR 11 OPEN    
St Michael's Grammar School Maya O'Farrell 1st
YEAR 12    
Trinity Grammar School, Kew Tom Boyd 1st
Genazzano FCJ College Eleanor Kirkland 2nd
Trinity Grammar School, Kew Callum Robertson 3rd
YEAR 12 OPEN    
Kilvington Grammar School Eve Durand 1st